“Empowering you to take control of your birthing experience and journey into parenthood”


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Birth, like life can be unpredictable.  However, you can be well prepared so that you can remain calm and  in control whatever path your birthing takes.  Based on the principles of traditional hypnobirthing, this course has a greater focus on “the right birth on the day” for both mom and baby.

This course focuses on the that birth is a natural, everyday event that doesn’t need to be feared.  We work together on reframing/replacing negative thoughts and feelings towards birth.  This logical and practical course will provide you with the confidence and the knowledge which will allow you to trust your natural instincts to let your body do what it is designed perfectly to do.

In my classes I teach The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme which offers you;  www.thewisehippo.com/

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A none judgemental approach to birthing

The opportunity to feel prepared for your baby’s birth, both physically and practically

The ability to remain calm and in control whatever path your birthing takes

Preparation for the very important role of birth partner

Hypnobirthing Myths

This birthing course aims to help you;

To meet like-minded parents

Learn practical skills

Learn invaluable skills for life and parenthood

Have the right birth on the day for mother and baby


Have fun!

“Hypnobirthing” – rather than thinking of a stage show with people clucking like chickens. Think about a state of deep relaxation a natural state of trance such as day dreaming.  A lot of this course is based on skills and abilities that you already have, it is just a case of using what you already have in a slightly different way.

Hypnobirthing isn’t just for home births and water births – these techniques can be applied to any woman giving birth! Caesareans, Inductions, VBAC’s, home births, hospital births, breech births and so on.

If you use pain relief you have failed – how can you fail when you have bought your beautiful baby in to the world? All women are different and this course is designed to cater for your individual needs, aspirations and beliefs.